The word memory was discussed in the morning by the following guest speakers:

The moderator of the event was Prof. Pietro Vereni from University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The word memory was celebrated in the afternoon in the following workshop:

14:45-15:00GG Memoriesvideo-interviews by Niranjan Nair Reghuvaran (Pachu) and Francesca Virzì to students and alumni
15:00-15:15Prof. Daniela Felisini Memory and history: a controversial relationshiptalk by Asees Kaur Birring
15:15-15:30Prof. Hauwa IbrahimMemories of a village girlrendition of "Memories of a village girl" by Hauwa Ibrahim and Iuliia Zolotareva
15:30-15:45Prof. Andrea BurattiLaw and memory: the legal dilemma of the denial of the holocaustAriela Di Gioacchino and Luana Golemi
15:45-16:00Prof. Douglas BrownNational Anthem Memories. Questioning our National Songstalks by Michelelia Amodio, Davide Ghera, Suzanne Imming, Vladimir Mijatovic, Teta Ivette Nyiridandi
16:00-16:15Prof. Luigi CorvoThe outsourcing of memory in the digital eratalks by Chagdarjav Byambaakhuc, Livia Bonessi and Alessio Huma
16:15-16:30Prof. Alessio Porretta

Teaching and learning through memory and recollections:
a Socrates dialogue
interpretation by Alessio Porretta, Cecilia Bitocchi and Alessio Humai
16:30-16:45Memory through foodperformance by Mohammad Ashique Ali and Uyanga Battulga
16:45-17:00Prof. Federica MucciThe UNESCO "Memory of the world" programmetalks by Iuliia Zolotareva and Niranjan Nair Reghuvaran (Pachu) - Alexandra Diana Ciobanu, Michela Lanteri and Ana Carolina Marcondes Venialgo participated in the scripting of presentations
17:00-17:15Prof. Giulia Costa

Environment, local memory and identity: the case story of Mount Amiatatalks by Uyanga Battulga, Tamoi Fujii, Marco Garzia
17:15-17:30Prof. Giulia Costa
Prof. Federica Mucci
Memory and songstalks by Uyanga Battulga, Alice Ervaz, Marco Garzia, Aubine Esther Isimbi, Tona Susan Ngarambe, Ana Carolina Marcondes Venialgo
17:30-17:45Prof. Riccardo CardilliDemocracy of ancients and democracy of modernstalks by Giulia Borghi and Aurora Tripodi
17:45-18:00Global memory and songssongs and performance by Özen Buket Aksoy, Estelle Balussou, Luana Golemi and Iuliia Zolotareva

The organizer of the workshop was Prof. Luca Pes from Venice International University.

assistant organizer: Mariamawit Delelegn Tegegne

assisting in the production of single sections: Michelelia Amodio, Arnaldo Coiro, Alice Ervaz, Alessio Huma and Ana Carolina Marcondes Venialgo